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Tariffs, Trade, and Trump

Tariffs, Trade, and Trump

At some point this has to stop so we can have a stronger economy and be on equal footing with consumers around the world.

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President Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un in Singapore

President Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un in Singapore

First meeting “For the promotion of peace, prosperity, and security of the Korean Peninsula and of the world.”

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California Immigration Crisis

California Immigration Crisis

“We are put in an untenable position … because the person is here illegally, is charged with a crime, and our people can’t even talk to the federal government.”

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Carter Page

Carter Page FISA Documents Are Released by Justice Department

Carter Page FISA Documents Are Released by Justice Department The documents submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court used to obtain warrant(s)  to surveil dope Carter Page were released by the Department of Justice this weekend.  They name Carter Page “An Agent of a Foreign Power” [Russia].  The application states that Carter Page…


Spy vs Informant

  So, a spy is someone who collects information and reports back. An informant collects information and reports back. See the difference? And sometimes informants (not spies) are embedded into a campaign to protect that campaign from a foreign intelligence operation; according to James Clapper we no longer use spies for counter-intel ops. Got it?…

ZTE Huawei

The President and ZTE

The press corps is up in arms about the President and China trade relations, particularly ZTE (a China telecom company). ZTE has been called a security threat for the company’s ties with the government, and possible malware embedded in its phones and communications equipment.  As the company has major US contracts ZTE is looking at…

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Thinking Thoughts for Thursday May 10th

 Gina Haspel, nominated for CIA Director, faced tough questions from the Congressional committee yesterday from key Democrats, centered around her involvement and stance on enhanced interrogation. Republican John McCain issued a statement from Arizona urging members not to confirm her nomination. Members dumbed-down their questions to Ms Haspel asking point-blank, “Is torture immoral? Would you…

Comey & Struck texts

More Peter Struck emails!? Kidding me (funny how they weren’t all released at once).  More about the mysterious “Insurance Policy.” Well it is not mysterious to me – the Steele Dossier was their ‘insurance policy,” except that no one released it until after the election — the DNC probably took not of how the Access…

Larry Kudlow:

More and more foreign investment will pour into the USA now that we’ve hit 3% on the Treasury Bond. Safest bet around.  We could eventually foreign companies relocate to take advantage of the 15% corporate tax rate; wouldn’t that be something.  Radio @LarryKudlowShow : MAGA econ? Foreign money flooding into US. #MichelleGirardhttps://t.co/wSL99ugdvJ — Larry Kudlow (@larry_kudlow) March…


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